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  • 英语作文 动物故事

    英语作文 动物故事

    以下就是小编整理的英语作文 动物故事,一起来看看吧!

    篇1:英语作文 动物故事

    I have a dog whose name is Mike ,i always hang out with him. His favorate toy is a ball, so I bought many balls for him. Usually, we go to the Central Park to have fun .

    Last week,we were playing with the balls when we met a beautiful Husky in the park near the pool ,Mike shouted at it abruptly .Bfore I realised what was happening ,the Husky was so frightened that it fell into the pool. I tried to resist my laugh ,but it was so funny that I can't stop.I looked at my dear friend Mike, on his face,there is no sign of anything that have happend.

    篇2:英语作文 动物故事

    A goat is the grass grass to eat with appetite. Suddenly, a lion rushed over, with sharp teeth,hungry eyes scared Stigmata goat, goat. But the goat is very smart, very flexible, it will soon calmdown. It wants to turn on the lion said: "I have eaten ten elephants, thirty tigers, the taste is not to my liking. Do not know how the water. " Lion heard run, running all the way.

    Along the way she met a wolf, the wolf asked: "lion brother, in such a hurry to go to you?" The lion says: "escape ah!" The wolf was very surprised and asked: "Hey, you usually are chasing others,what was changed when other people chasing you?" The lion said: "there is a super creepy goat, it ate ten elephants and thirty tigers, now have to eat me. You are the best, quickly escape it,otherwise it will come to eat you." After listening to the wolf, smiled, said: "the eldest brother, you took it when! It is ah, didn't you say so dramatically. The goat is not carnivorous animal, otherwise, itdid eat those very unpalatable grass? Usually the wolf to eat it. It even we have to beat, you can winthe lion? Well, you think that is impossible! " Lion half-believe in, asked: "really?" Wolf replied: "is true, I won't lie to you. Do not believe, we'll see a goat. "

    The wolf walked in front of the lion, tightly behind the wolf, afraid of wolves cheat it. The goat goatsaw there, two of them, unhurried said: "wolf, I told you to bring thirty lions, you stupid, light one, not enough for my teeth." Oh, I was a lion, you are the only the cunning wolf to cheat. It immediately jumped on the wolves to eat.

    A few days later, the lion came to the trouble of goat. It can be thought of a goat said, did not dare to annoy the goat, hiding in the side secretly observe the goat. Unexpectedly, clever goat ready, itearly in their own surroundings quietly dug a pit, there are many. Goat eyes turn, had an idea, itautomatic speaking said: "this day my body hurt, my hands are tiger bite, the lion can never come."A lion was delighted, suddenly jumped out from behind the rock, "ha ha, you may be dead!" Lion attacked make threatening gestures to goats. Only to hear "the head" of a sound, just fell into thetrap of goats. The mighty lion was stabbed to death.

    Since then, goats are having a pleasant time together.

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